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If you are like me I wanted NOTHING to do with startup, ground-floor opportunities. It takes several years to build up a solid...

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About Me

About Me

      Since I was a kid I have had an appreciation for nutrition and the value of doing whatever was possible to keep the immune system strong. Admittedly, this awareness did not just happen. My parents were both health care professionals. Though they both were trained in the traditional western method of medicine, my Dad, an M.D. and Doctor of Science, spent his entire career researching the root causes of disease and how nutrition and diet directly affected the body's ability to prevent disease. My Mom was an R.N.. Since then I have educated myself and learned the value of the Tibetan Rites, meditation and I am a Reiki Master

      I believe as a result of these and other measures, I don't get sick and have never had a need to go to a doctor or check into a hospital because of illness. I believe we all can greatly minimize the chances of coming down with some form of metabolic disease if we take responsibility for our own health and take the time to learn what options are available. There are many!

       I have been working with teenagers, and their parents as a college academic and admissions adviser for the last 25 years. There is much to consider when matching up a student with a college and major that fits his or her academic and personality profile. Not the least of which is affordability. With college costs growing and student debt rising this company's business model offers a proven way to pay for college with cash flow alone as these two college grads have discovered.  


                    The Reasons I Have Partnered with this Company

       When I was first introduced to this manufacturer of true wellness products, I saw it made sense to try the brands they produced. To me, it was a "no-brainer". It was simply switching my shopping habits from one store to another for products my family was purchasing already anyway! There was no risk and with a 60 day money back guarantee. It did not take long to realize that this company was doing something special, very special!

      It uses sound scientific methods of research in the manufacture of high quality, personal health; environmentally safe non-toxic, effective products, (many with patents) and offers them at very reasonable prices...more often costing less than store brands.  It is a unique private company because the consumers are treated like shareholders. Therefore, one of the many benefits is to give them (if they wish) the opportunity to share in the budget set aside for advertising. By eliminating the costs of extended warehousing, distribution to stores, expensive media advertising, our company passes the savings on to the consumer creating incredible shopper loyalty and provides an opportunity for families to create, if they wish, a significant extra income stream by offering something of substantive value to others. I want to stress the word SUBSTANTIVE!

        Since its incorporation in 1985, our company has been one of the fastest-growing businesses in America, with annual sales of over $2 billion in 2017. We have the production capability and infrastructure in place to grow to $5 Billion/year over the next 4 years. All by the BEST form of advertising there happy shopper telling another or "word of mouth". That is where YOU come in.   

        Presently, with over two million loyal happy shoppers every month the opportunity is growing exponentially. I invite you to call me at (978) 820-1295 to learn more. I have done my due diligence; I encourage you to do the same. Learn from me about all the benefits that you can enjoy by simply switching stores and saving money (and earning money if you wish) while getting healthier every day.  

All the best for optimal health and long-term financial security, 

Eric Goodhart

P.S. A few words of caution: If you are interested in selling products or being a distributor, you will be greatly disappointed. There are no, nor have there ever have been, openings for distributors because it is against company policy to sell the products it manufactures. 100% of shoppers simply shop monthly online for what they need from a catalog of over 450 quality wellness products and pays the same very reasonable price.

P.P.S.  Only 65 companies in history have been inducted into the INC 500 Hall of Fame. Our debt free company is one of the few companies on the list that has maintained an "A+" profit rating each year and the Better Business Bureau's prestigious Torch Award, indicating an honest, healthy, growing and vibrant organization.

        Be sure to watch the  late, great business philosopher, Jim Rohn, below. One of my favorite quotes from him is ~ "A formal education may earn you a living, but self- education will make you a fortune." He had quite a sense of humor too. Enjoy!   

Brooke, Hailey with cousin Cameron exploring Vermont
Relaxing in Maine overlooking the Atlantic
Carol ... "yesterday and today"
Heidi and Reilly ... the friendliest watch dogs around
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